Symbiosis was launched in 1997 to address the artificial divide between literatures in English on either side of the Atlantic, a divide recognized by few creative writers but institutionalized in the modern academic community. The journal is uniquely concerned with studies of transatlantic literary and cultural relations between the British Isles and the Americas. It remains interested in all genres, all theoretical approaches and all periods from the beginnings of both a transnational and Anglophone America to the present.

The Editorial Board

Chris Gair, Symbiosis
English Literature
School of Critical Studies
University of Glasgow
5 University Gardens
G12 8QQ

Matthew Scott, Symbiosis
Department of English Literature
University of Reading
P.O. Box 218

Co-Editor, 2005-17
Philip Tew

Reviews Editor
Alison Garden

Associate Editors
Samantha Harvey, Boise State University
Katie McGettigan, Royal Holloway, University of London
Joel Pace, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire 

The Advisory Board
Eve Tavor Bannet, University of Oklahoma
Ian F A Bell, University of Keele
Colleen Glenney Boggs, Dartmouth College
Richard E. Brantley, University of Florida
David Bromwich, Yale University
Wai-Chee Dimmock, Yale University
Leslie Eckel, Suffolk University
Paul Giles, University of Sydney
Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University
Amy Kaplan, University of Pennsylvania
Robert Lawson-Peebles, University of Exeter
Robert Morace, Daemen College
Jahan Ramazani, University of Virginia
Harry Rand, Smithsonian Institution
Fiona Robertson, Durham University

Aliki Varvogli, University of Dundee
Robert Weisbuch, Drew University