The 8th Biennial Symbiosis Conference

 University of Glasgow

23–26 June 2011


Thursday 23 June


11.00–15.00: REGISTRATION, 5 University Gardens Lobby


12.00:                  Walking Tour: Glasgow and the Slave Trade, led by Stephen Mullen, University of Glasgow.

The tour will set off from outside 5 University Gardens and will visit sites including Glasgow Cathedral, Provands Lordship, High Street/ Formerly site of the University of Glasgow, City Halls, Ramshorn Kirk, Glassford Street/ Formerly the site of the Shawfield Mansion, Corinthian/ Formerly the site of Virginia Mansion, City Chambers, James Oswald Statue, George Square, Merchants House, Gallery of Modern Art, Tobacco Merchants House. The tour involves a short subway ride and walking just under a mile, with a return to the University by 14.30pm at latest.


15.00:                           Tea/Coffee Wolfson Medical Building


15.30:                           OPENING PLENARY: “The Transatlantic Great House”, Professor Caroline Rody (University of Virginia) Wolfson Medical Building. Chair: Marina Moskowitz (U Glasgow)


1830–19.30:          Drinks Reception, Glasgow City Chambers



Friday 24 June


All panels take place in the Sir Charles Wilson Building


09.00–15.30:         Registration (Sir Charles Wilson Building)


09.10–10.40:         Panel 1A (Seminar Room 1)


Chair:  Phil Tew (Brunel U)


Melissa Lam (Chinese U of Hong Kong): ‘From Savages to Settlers: The Language of Hospitality and Domesticity on the New American Frontier’


Ashley A. Hales (U Edinburgh): ‘“A Heart Divided”: Susanna Rowson and her Transatlantic Novels’


Hilary Emmett (U Queensland): ‘The Pequot vs. Sedgwick: Reading Hope Leslie against Johnson vs. M’Intosh’



                                    Panel 1B (Seminar Room 2): Buffalo Bill and Europe


Chair:  Mark Ellis (U Strathclyde)


Alessandra Magrin (U Strathclyde): ‘“It was a Damned Bad Day When Columbus Discovered America”: Italian Reception of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and (Native) American Reactions to the Cradle of Civilization’


Julia Stetler (U Nevada, Las Vegas): ‘American Exceptionalism Meets Indian Enthusiasm: Germany Welcomes the Wild West’


Frank Christianson (Brigham Young U): ‘Exceptionalists Abroad: Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill and Venture Cosmopolitanism’



10.40–11.00:         Tea and Coffee


11.00–12.30:         Panel 2A (Seminar Room 1): The Literary Atlantic in the mid-Nineteenth Century


Chair: Samantha Harvey (Boise State U)


Louisa Hodgson (U Leeds): ‘Transatlantic Crossings and Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl


Katie McGettigan (Keele U): ‘Metaphor and the Literary Marketplace in Sartor Resartus and Moby-Dick


Sarah D. Moore (U Edinburgh): ‘“A Sailor A Jack of All Trades”: Transatlantic Theories of Work in Herman Melville’s Redburn’



Panel 2B (Seminar Room 2): Thomas Pynchon


Chair:  Christopher Wright (Newcastle U)


Sascha Pohlmann (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Germany): ‘Imagining 18th Century Globalization: Transatlantic and Transnational Phenomena in Mason and Dixon‘


Martin Paul Eve (U Sussex): ‘Whose Line is it Anyway? Geographical Specificity of Enlightenment in Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon‘


Fabienne Collignon (U Edinburgh): ‘DGZ: Antarctica’



12.30–14.00: POSTGRADUATE LUNCH / WORKSHOP ON TRANSATLANTIC RESEARCH sponsored by the British Association for American Studies.

Speaker: Professor Susan Manning, University of Edinburgh

Chair: Dr Clare Elliott (Teesside U)

This lunch and workshop is open to all postgraduate student delegates. Professor Manning will speak on transatlantic research with time allocated for questions and discussion. Professor Manning convenes the STAR Project and is Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH). She is Grierson Professor of English Literature, and has held the posts of Research Director and Postgraduate Director in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh.

14.00–15.30:         Panel 3A (Seminar Room 1): Transatlantic Music and Poetry


Chair:  Chris Gair (U Glasgow)


Whitney Womack Smith (Miami U of Ohio): ‘“The Other Transatlantic Tom”: Blind Tom Wiggins in Europe’


Robert Lawson-Peebles (U Exeter): ‘“A Very Grave Disease Infecting the Country”: Black American Music and the Founding of Cambridge English’


Jahan Ramazani (U Virginia): ‘Poetry across Nation, across Genre: William Carlos Williams and Patience Agbabi’



Panel 3B (Seminar Room 2):


Chair:  Faye Hammill (Strathclyde U)


Laura Findlay (U Dundee): ‘Shared Trauma in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close‘


Christopher Kydd (U Dundee): ‘William McIlvanney’s Hard-Boiled Hard Men’


Aliki Varvogli (U Dundee): ‘From Minneapolis to Rome: The Local Goes Global in Garrison Keillor’s Pilgrims’



15.30–15.45:         Tea and Coffee


15.45–16.50:         Panel 4A (Seminar Room 1)


Chair:  Elif Armbruster (Suffolk U)


Kevin Wilson (Strathclyde U): ‘Decay and the Ideal: Nathaniel Hawthorne and Italian Pictorial Art’


Bruce Graver (Providence College): ‘William England’s Stereoscopic Tour of North America’



                                    Panel 4B (Seminar Room 2): Teaching Transatlantic Studies: a Roundtable Discussion


Chair: Richard Gravil


Panellists: Samantha Harvey (Boise State U), Joel Pace (U Wisconsin, Eau Claire), Matthew Scott (U Reading)



18.00 for 18.30           CONFERENCE BANQUET, ONE A, THE SQUARE




Saturday 25 June


All panels take place in the Sir Charles Wilson Building


09.00–11.45:         Registration (Sir Charles Wilson Building)


09.10–10.15:         Panel 5A (Seminar Room 1)


Chair:  Richard Godbeer (U Miami)


Richard E. Brantley (U Florida): ‘Emily Dickinson’s “Natural Methodism”’


Matthew Smith (Miami U of Ohio): ‘David Hume, Enthusiast’



                                    Panel 5B (Seminar Room 2): Phrenology and Race


Chair:  Stella Bolaki (U Glasgow)


Alasdair Pettinger: ‘Travelling Phrenologically: Frederick Douglass and William Wells Brown’


Lise Sorensen (U Edinburgh): ‘Reading at Face Value: Physiognomy, Phrenology and Race in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin and Arthur Conan Doyle's “The Yellow Face”’



10.20–11.25:         Panel 6A (Seminar Room 1)


Chair:  Joel Pace (U Wisconsin, Eau Claire)


Louis Kirk McAuley (Washington State U): ‘”Oral Hygene”: Pastoral Poetry, Native American Healing Rites, and the Magic of Sympathy in Tobias Smollett’s Humphry Clinker’


Marjorie E. Rhine (U Wisconsin, Whitewater): ‘Looking at an “Abject” Past: James Robertson’s Joseph Knight and its Implications’



                                    Panel 6B (Seminar Room 2)


Chair: Finn Pollard (U Lincoln)


Tom Wright (U Oxford): ‘Glasgow and the Genesis of the Lyceum Movement’


Lawrence Davies (U Glasgow): Cunninghame Graham, the Americas and the Anglo-Celtic Archipelago’




11.25–11.40:         Tea and Coffee


11.40–13.10:         Panel 7A (Seminar Room 1)


Chair:  Robert Lawson-Peebles (U Exeter)


Leslie Eckel (Suffolk U): ‘“As to a Nation, I Belong to None”: Frederick Douglass and Martin Delany’s Countercultural Atlantic’


Faye Hammill (Strathclyde U): ‘“Big Prospects in a Land of Sunshine”: The Emigrant’s Guide to Canada Between the Wars’


Finn Pollard (U Lincoln): ‘“Somebody’s always in the lead an’ setting the fashion”: The British Literary Image of the United States on the Eve of World War Two’



                                    Panel 7B (Seminar Room 2)


Chair:  Christine Ferguson (U Glasgow)


Elif Armbruster (Suffolk U): ‘Transcribing Transnationalism: Henry James’s London Life, 1876–1886’


Phil Tew (Brunel U): ‘Unexpected Transatlantic Antagonisms: Zadie Smith’s On Beauty’


Christopher Wright (U Newcastle): ‘American Innocence: Thomas Pynchon’s Transatlantic Inheritance’



13.15–14.00:         LUNCH


14.00–15.30:         Panel 8A (Seminar Room 1)


Chair: Ruth Hawthorn (U Glasgow)


Cole Heinowitz (Bard College): ‘“Hierophants of Unapprehended Inspiration”: Jack Spicer, Percy Shelley, and the Problem of the Lyric Voice’


Konstantina Georganta (U Glasgow): ‘“An American Bar in Athens”: Lefteris Poulios and Greek Beat’


Gillian Tasker (Strathclyde U): ‘Alexander Trocchi: Deconstructing the “Scottish Beat”‘



                                    Panel 8B (Seminar Room 2)


Chair:  Ian F.A. Bell (Keele U)


Stella Bolaki (U Glasgow): ‘Illness and Transnational Communities in Audre Lorde’s ‘A Burst of Light’


Kerstin W. Shands (Soderton U): ‘Transatlantic Traces: Desire and Spirituality in Gail Godwin’s Unfinished Desires’


Brian Wall (College of William and Mary): ‘“Why Will You Say That I Am Mad?”: Madness and Evil in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Literature’



15.30–15.45:         Tea and Coffee


15.45–17.00: PLENARY LECTURE: ‘ASPICIENS A LONGE: Getting Perspectives on Home’, Professor Michael Schmidt (University of Glasgow), Sir Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre. Chair: Ian F.A. Bell (Keele U)



Sunday 26 June


Closing Excursion to Edinburgh