The 9th Biennial Symbiosis Conference: Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Relations

Brunel University, 27th – 30th June 2013

Conference Directors: Prof. Philip Tew (Brunel University) and Dr. Matthew Scott (Reading University)

Conference Administrator: Dr. Jennie Taylor (Brunel University)


Thursday, 27th June

14-00 – 17-00: Registration: Foyer Antonin Artaud Centre (AA)

15-45 – 16-30: Symbiosis Board Meeting

Room AA003

16-30 – 18-00: Welcome and Session A

Room AA001

Plenary Panel (from the Symbiosis board) (Chair: Matthew Scott)

Robert Lawson-Peebles (Exeter), ‘The Meaning of Jazz and the Assault on Maidenhead’

Chris Gair (Glasgow), ‘“Thalatta! Thalatta!”: Xenophon, Joyce and Kerouac’

Richard Brantley (Florida), ‘The Interrogative Mood of Emily Dickinson’s Quarrel with God’

18-00 – 19-15: Session B

Keynote Plenary Address 1 (Chair: Philip Tew)

Room AA001

Will Self (Brunel), ‘My American Self’

19-15 – 20-15: Wine Reception sponsored by School of Arts, Brunel University

Room: AA103

20.30 onward: delegates may choose to gather at the Load of Hay pub, 33 Villier Street, Uxbridge, UB8 2PU tel: 01895 234676 (drinks & food not provided; meals can be ordered tonight until 21.30, drinks until 23.00)


Friday, 28th June

09-00 – 10-00: Registration /Tea & Coffee

Room: Lecture Centre, LC 011/015

09-30 – 11-00: Session C

Panel 2, Transatlantic London (Chair: Wendy Knepper)

Room: LC068

Frank Christianson (Brigham Young), ‘Mark Twain: Cosmopolite in London’

Emily Coit (Worcester College, Oxford), ‘“London had become his vice”: Henry Adams's Failures and the Transnational Elite’

J. Michelle Coghlan (Princeton), ‘Tasting Expat London: Elizabeth Robins Pennell and American Food Writing Avant-la-lettre

Panel 3 (Chair: Samantha Harvey)

Room: LC106

Kelvin Black (Hunter College, CUNY), ‘Beheading Popular Sovereignty: the Transatlantic Possibilities of Collective Action in Britain and the U.S. in the Wake of the French Revolution’

Leslie Eckel (Suffolk), ‘Radical Innocence: Margaret Fuller’s Utopian Rome’

Kristin Cook (Edinburgh), ‘The Weight of Words: Gravity and Collapse in Sheridan's School for Scandal and Royall Tyler's Contrast

Panel 4 (Chair: Nick Hubble)

Room: LC114

Julia Jordan (Cardiff), ‘Something styling itself "America"': Bifocularity and the Autostereogram in Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon’

Sarah Ernest (California, San Marcos) ‘The Issue of Identity in a Transatlantic World: Hynrid, Double, and Mestizo Consciousness in Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative.’

Eric White (Oxford Brookes), ‘“Unnatural Mirrors”: the “Revolution of the Word” in Paris, New York, and London White’

11-00 – 11-30: Tea & Coffee

Room: LC 011/015

11-30 – 13-00: Session D

Keynote Plenary Address 2 (Chair: Matthew Scott)

Room: LC068

Kathleen Wheeler (Darwin College, Cambridge), ‘English Romantic Thought and the Rise of American Philosophy’

13-00 – 14-00: Lunch [provided]

Room: LC 011/015

14-00 – 15-30: Session E

Panel 5 (Chair: Matthew Scott)

Room: LC068

Nick Hubble (Brunel), ‘“Bright, but arrested, adolescents”: The Rise and Fall of an “Americanised World” in Olaf Stapledon’s Last and First Men (1930)’

Philip Tew (Brunel), ‘Anglo-American Money: Martin Amis’s Transatlantic Self’

Alex Murray (Exeter), ‘“Venice, sans hope”: James Huneker’s Decadent New York’

Panel 6, Transatlantic Displacements (Chair: Chris Gair)

Room: LC106

Alison Garden (Edinburgh), ‘“Bogland”: Heaney, McCann and (trans)Atlantic seepage’

Brian Wall, (Edinburgh), ‘“Left All Alone in This World’s Wilderness”: Duality and Deception in Robert Louis Stevenson’s London and Frank Norris’s San Francisco’

Sarah Sharp (Edinburgh), ‘“Their Slaves and Prey…” Transatlantic Negotiations of Labour and Power in the Mid-Nineteenth Century’

Panel 7 (Chair: Frank Christianson)

Room: LC114

Sinéad Moynihan (Exeter), ‘“We are where we are”: Irish Historical Novels of Emigration and Return in the Post-Celtic Tiger Moment’

Huw Marsh (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Beryl Bainbridge and the Idea of America’

Nick Bentley (Keele), ‘Transatlantic Rushdie: Representations of the US in Fury and Shalimar the Clown

15-30 – 16-00: Tea & Coffee

Room: LC 011/015

16-00 – 17-30: Session F

Room: LC068

Panel 8, In Memoriam Susan Manning, 1953-2013 (Chair: Matthew Scott)

A roundtable discussion with Robert Lawson-Peebles, Joel Pace, Brian Wall and Alison Garden

17-30 – 18-45: Session G

Room: LC068

Keynote Plenary Address 3 (Chair: Joel Pace)

Robert E. Weisbuch (Michigan), ‘Mayday!: The Decline of English Studies and What Anglo-Americanists Can Do About It’

19-30 for 20-00: Conference Dinner [only for individuals who have booked]

Room: Darwin Room, Hamilton Centre


Saturday, 29th June

09.00 – 09.30 Tea & Coffee

Room: LC 011/015

9-30 – 11-00: Session H

Room: LC106

Panel 9 (Chair: Richard Brantley)

Philip Aherne (KCL), ‘The American Coleridge’

Samantha Harvey (Boise State), ‘Reading the “Book of Nature” in the Poetry of Coleridge, Wordsworth, and Whitman’

Li-hsin Hsu (Edinburgh), ‘“Homesick curiosity”: Emily Dickinson's Transatlantic “Consumption” of William Wordsworth’

Panel 10 (Chair: Robert Lawson-Peebles)

Room: LC114

Michael Collins (Kent), ‘Dickens’s “Illimitable Dominion”: Transatlantic Print Culture and the spring of 1842’

Melanie Hall (Boston), ‘Preserving Carlyle’s House as a “literary embassy”’ WITHDRAWN/ILLNESS

Neil MacFarlane (Birkbeck College, University of London), ‘“The magnificent sonnet on Toussaint l'Ouverture”: George Eliot and slavery’

11-00 – 11-30: Tea & Coffee

Room: LC 011/015

11-30 – 13-00: Session I

Panel 11 (Chair: Pshtiwan Farag)

Room: LC068

Hilary Emmett (East Anglia), ‘Love and Theft: Adaptation and Transnationalism in The Legacy

Daniel Katz (Warwick), ‘Ben Lerner’s Leaving the Atocha Station: Cosmopolitan Inauthenticity Revisited’,

Raluca Iliou (Brunel), ‘Post- 9/11 Transatlantic Corporeal Discourse: Analysing Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark and Ian McEwan’s Saturday

Panel 12, Transatlantic London and Periodical Culture (Chair: Joel Pace)

Room: LC106

Susan Oliver (Essex), ‘From the Coffee House to the Criminal City: Edgar Allan Poe's London in the Southern Literary Messenger and "The Man of the Crowd"’

Linda Freedman (UCL), ‘Poetry, Prophecy and Democracy: American style and the intellectualism of the Fortnightly Review

Sarah Robbins (Texas Christian), ‘Examining the Toynbee Hall/Hull-House Connection: A Case Study of Transatlantic Scholarship’s Rewards and Challenges’

Panel 13 (Chair: Samantha Harvey)

Room: LC114

Christopher Flynn (St Edward’s), ‘From Newgate to Virginia: America as Prison and Purgative in Defoe’s Moll Flanders

(Louis) Kirk McAuley (Washington State), ‘Brandy & Iron: The Nature of Things in Mungo Park’s Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa’

Shaheena Ayub Bhatti (National University of Modern Languages, Pakistan), ‘Healing and the Environment in American Indian Biographies’

13-00 – 14-00: Lunch [provided]

Room: LC 011/015

14-00 – 15-30: Session J

Panel 14, Atlantic Slavery and Romanticism: Period, Archive, Memory, Scholarship (Chair: Paul Gilroy)

Room: LC 068

Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge (Massachusetts, Amherst), ‘An Eastern Pirate in Atlantic Waters: Barbarossa, Orientalism, and Abolition’

Joel Pace (Wisconsin-Eau Claire), ‘Black Atlantic Romanticism: Mapping, Metaphors, and Memory in Wheatley’

Lucia Hodgson (Texas A&M), ‘The Tragic Mulatta’s Foremothers: Chloe Spear, Phillis Wheatley, and Elleanor Eldridge’

Panel 15 (Chair: Raluca Iliou)

Room: LC106

Nissa R. Cannon (California, Santa Barbara), ‘You Can’t Count on Currency: Transnational Identity and the Unreliable Narrator in Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier

Karima Saoudi (Algiers 2), ‘Henry James’s The Golden Bowl and Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night: Two different American Visions about Anglo-American relations’

Ravi Venkataraman (Texas State, San Marcos), ‘The Transatlantic Divide in Love: Hemingway, Hornby, and The Marriage Plot

Panel 16 (Chair: Robert Lawson-Peebles)

Room: LC114

Alan Munton (Exeter), ‘David Stacton (1923-1968), an American in Europe: Emma Hamilton, Horatio Nelson and Sir William: or a Lesson in Love (1963)’

Ben Xie (Southern Wesleyan), ‘Females and Natural Environment: Margaret Mitchell and

Flannery O’Connor’s Ecological Vision of the American South’

Nicholas Grant (East Anglia), ‘Cry, the Beloved Country: Canada Lee, Sidney Poitier and Apartheid South Africa’

15-30 – 16-00: Tea & Coffee

Room: LC 011/015

16-00 – 17-30: Session K

Panel 17, Visualizing Black Diasporic Cultures 20 years after The Black Atlantic (Chair: Philip Tew )

Room: LC106

Anna Hartnell (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘Visualizing disaster in new world black cultures: New Orleans, 2005 and Haiti, 2010’

Sara Wood (Birmingham), ‘Fragments and Outlines: The Visual Art of Melvin Edwards and Frank Bowling’

Lisa Palmer (Newman College University), ‘Audacious blackness in the work and photography of Vanley Burke’

Panel 18 (Chair: Raluca Iliou)

Room: LC068

Bianca Leggett (Birkbeck , University of London), ‘The Transatlantic Campus Novel from Kingsley Amis to Zadie Smith’

Courttia Newland (Kingston), 'Unbelonging: Contemporary Aesthetics in Black British Writing'

Pshtiwan Farag (Brunel), ‘Contemporary Anglo-American Fiction of the Iraq War.’

Pa nel 19 (Chair: Leslie Eckel)

Room: LC114

Eriko Ogihara (TU Dortmund University, Germany), ‘Transatlantic “Green Old Age”: George Mogridge's Peter Parley and the Subversion of Ageism in Nineteenth-Century British Juvenile Literature’

Simon Hull (University of Science, Malaysia), ‘That “Dreadful, Delightful City”: London Essayed in Irving, Poe and James’

Jessica Burrus, (independent scholar), ‘Entering the Past: Grace Greenwood and Nathaniel Hawthorne in Stratford’

17-30 – 18-45: Session L

Keynote Plenary Address 4 (Chair: Philip Tew)

Room: LC068

Paul Gilroy (Kings College, London), ‘The End of the Black Atlantic?’

From 18.45: various pubs and restaurants in Uxbridge serve food [which is not provided]. Conference recommended pub, The Load of Hay [food orders until 21.30].

Sunday, 30th June

10.20: Coach departure for Keats House, Hampstead; pick-up point: next to the Pond in front of Wilfred Brown Building; prompt departure.

11.30: Tour of Keats House

12.00 – 13.30: Session M (at Keats House)

Plenary Address 5 (Chair: Matthew Scott)

Peter Robinson (Reading University), ‘Making Things Happen: A Poetry Reading’

13.30 – 15.00: Lunch &/or exploring Hampstead [please note lunch is not provided]

15.00: Coach departure for Brunel / END OF CONFERENCE